What is a custom jersey?

Custom on-field style jerseys are a more affordable option for autograph seekers. These jerseys do not have any brand name or tags and are made in the Philippines. They feature stitched on names and numbers and are made to look very similar to the on-field jerseys that the players wear. These custom jerseys are very commonly used in the memorabilia industry.

What authentication companies do you use?

We have a great relationship with James Spence Authentication (JSA) who we have in house to authenticate items often. We also sell items with authentication from companies such as Beckett, PSA/DNA, Fanatics, MLB, Tri-Star, Upper Deck, Steiner Sports, Schwartz Sports, Leaf and Lojo Sports. We will only offer items with authentication from these companies. We do not support the “auction house letter of authenticity” process which causes the buyer to then have to pay more for authentication and have the risk of an item not passing authentication. Every item we offer comes fully authenticated so there is no doubt of its authenticity.

Do you use stock images?

No! The item that is pictured will be the item you receive.

Can I cancel my bid?

Once a bid is placed, it cannot be retracted. All bids are final.

How does the 10-minute rule work?

The auction closes at 11:00 PM EST the night of the auctions. Bidders can bid on any lot throughout the entire length of the auction. All lots with 2 or more bids at 11:00 PM EST will remain open to all bidders. Bids do not have to be placed prior to the 11:00 PM EST pre-close. Any lot with a single bid or that has zero bids at 11:00 PM EST will close and be awarded to the single bidder. The 10-minute rule pertains to each lot individually and each lot will close after 10 minutes without a new bid on that lot. If a bid is placed, the 10-minute time will be reset for that lot.

What is the difference between a straight bid and a max bid?

If you enter a "straight bid" you are raising the current bid to that exact amount. Ex: If an items current bid is at $20 and you place a "straight bid" of $50, the current bid will then sit at $50 unless that bid is outbid by another bidders previous max bid. If you place a "max bid" you are essentially saying you would like the software to bid on your behalf if another bidder places a bid (up to your max bid). Ex: If an items current bid is at $20 and you place a "max bid" of $100, the current bid will then sit at one bid higher than the previous bidders max bid, if the previous bidders max bid amount was $30 then the current bid will sit at the next bid after $30. If the item had zero bids or the previous bidder placed a straight bid of $20, the current bid will then sit at the next bid after $20.

Can I return an item?

Items damaged during transit or items inaccurately described will be eligible for return within 31 days from the auction ending. Due to the nature of the auction, items that are accurately described are not eligible for return.

Can I come pick up items I have won and paid for in person?

Yes, please contact us and let us know when you would like to stop by and pick up your items. We will do our best to have your items ready when you arrive.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No, we only ship to verified addresses inside the United States. We do not ship to any country outside of the United States including Canada.

If I have other questions, where can I get answers?

Please Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP.